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David G. Vanderstel, Secretary

9131 S. Greenridge Lane

Bloomington, Indiana  47401


29 April 2019




            Another Club year is nearly over.  The next meeting of the Indianapolis Literary Club will be Monday 6 May 2019 at 8:00 p.m. when members are invited to bring their ladies to the spring session of Ladies’ Night.  Make your way to Foster Hall at Park Tudor School.  (It is the Tudor-style building directly east of our regular meeting venue.)  Essayist Alan T. McKenzie will read his essay, “Ports, Points, and Palaver.” 


            At the Club’s last meeting, President James Lingenfelter, Jr. welcomed all members and guests.  The Secretary then presented three nominations:


                   J. Gerald Janzen, a retired seminary professor, sponsored by Bernard Würger, David Cook, James Briscoe, and Hugh Moore.


                   Jack E. Leonard, president of the Environmental Management Institute, sponsored by William Beranek, David Cook, and Bernard Würger.


                    Robert E. Moore, retired scientist, sponsored by Donald Curtis, Stephen Jay, and Richard Feldman.


The Club spoke to the nominations and voted all into membership.  Congratulations!


The Secretary then presented the slate of officers and committee members for the 2019-2020 Club year. President Lingenfelter called for a voice vote and the Club approved the slate.


           President                                   Rozelle Boyd 

                        1st Vice President                      Joseph N. Hingtgen      

                        2nd Vice President                     William F. R. Briscoe

                        3rd Vice President                     Charles H. Williams

                        Secretary                                   David G. Vanderstel

                        Assistant Secretary                   Antwain Hunter

           Treasurer                                   Richard E. Wiehe

                        Webmaster                                John F. Sweeney

                        Assistant Webmaster                Marvin J. Miller

                        Soundmaster Emeritus              D. David Kriplen 

            Soundmaster                            Paul R. Halverson

           Assistant Soundmaster              Randall Ayers


                        Foundation Trustee                   James E. Lingenfelter, Jr. (2019/20-2021/22)     



Standing Committees: 


                        On Nominations of Officers and Members:


                             Joseph N. Hingtgen, Chair

                                                            John E. Cole, Jr.

                                                            J. David Cook

                                               Richard D. Feldman

                                               James A. Glass

                                                            Giles R. Hoyt

                                                            Eugene W. Lausch


                        On Arrangements and Exercises:


                             William F. R. Briscoe, Chair

                                                            William Groth

                                                            George Hanlin

                                                            Richard Wilhite


                        On Rooms and Finance:


                                                Charles H. Williams, Chair

                                                            Thomas Hiatt

                                                            George H. Maley

                                                            Stephen K. Smith

                                                            Richard M. Tempero


The Treasurer offered an update on the financial status of the Club, which continues to be in “stable” condition. 


Essayist Loring Prosser then presented his first essay before the Club.  It was a semi-autobiographical examination of the essayist’s life in Illinois and Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and the challenges encountered pertaining to spirituality amidst a scientific family and environment.  An engaging conversation followed.


The Secretary reminds all members that the Annual and Inaugural Dinner meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 15 May 2019 at Woodstock Club.  Mark your calendars now.


                                                    ANNUAL & INAUGURAL DINNER


                        Place:               Woodstock Club

                                                1301 W. 38th Street, Indianapolis

                        Date:                Wednesday 15 May 2019

                        Time:               Cocktails at 6:00 pm (cash bar)

                                                Dinner at 7:00 pm

                                                Program follows at 8:00 pm

                      Dress:   Black tie is traditional; attendance and fellowship are  more important.

                        Cost:                $50.00


You must RSVP for this event.  To do so, please send your payment of $50.00 no later than Saturday 11 Mayto Club Treasurer Richard Wiehe, 2435 Glenhill Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46240.  It is essential to have your RSVP in order to guarantee our reservations for this event.  Should last minute changes be necessary, you may contact the Secretary via email at   Do not call Woodstock Club regarding this event!!  A reminder to all new members that this event is for members only – no spouses or significant others.

  The Secretary also reminds members that spaces are still available to read an essay during the next Club year.  Essays should be approximately no more than 30 minutes in length and may address the topic of the essayist’s choice.  Please contact the Secretary by the first of June if you wish to present and provide a “properly obscure” title and preferred month(s) for the presentation.  The schedule will be drafted later in June. 


The next meeting of the Club is Monday 6 May 2019 at 8:00 p.m. when Alan T. McKenzie will read “Ports, Points, and Palaver.”  Will the essay examine “ports of call” or the differences between ruby, tawny, and Garrafeira?  And could the points apply to those given by Wine Spectator?  And might palaver refer to some improvised conversation or meeting?   The Secretary has no idea, so you will need to attend the last meeting of the Club year to discover what essayist McKenzie has in mind.  And make sure that you invite your lady to attend the meeting!!   Hope to see you there -- and remember that the meeting will be held in Foster Hall at Park Tudor School.


                                                                                                The Secretary